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Charlie Sheen…

Posted in Charlie Sheen with tags , , , , on March 2, 2011 by inthemix

CHARLIE SHEEN, smh what can I say about but I think I found my hero *smile* sorry Mr. Hefner but he’s my new favorite now but you’re still a legend *wink* TMZ broke the story of him flying to the Bahamas with, wait for it…….his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, porn gal pal Bree Olson and new “main” girl of 3 months (according to Eonline) “Pot Queen” Natalie “Natty Baby” Kenly. Kenly is “The Official Chronic Girl of 2010” of the magazine publication CALI CHRONIC X and as of 2/22 was seen outside an office building in Calabasas, CA. Now Eonline is reporting that Charlie phoned into THE ALEX JONES SHOW earlier today stating that Brooke was no longer on vacation with them saying, “…Where there were 4, there is now 3….Goodbye Brooke and good luck in your travels you’re gonna need it badly.” *Ouch* well from the Christmas Eve incident to their reconciliation while at the same time divorcing last year, coke binders with porn stars and prostitutes to actually being sober for a number of years, great show ratings & in-house “rehab” Charlie seems to STILL be a mess ripping the creator of “Two & a half Men,” Chuck Lorre a new asshole stating “I violently hate Chaim Levine (Chuck Lorre). He’s a stupid little man and a pussy punk that I’d never want to be like….and that’s being polite.” Godeezaammm!!!!! what…a tirade for your boss huh? Well let’s just hope this train doesn’t derail on the right track anytime because if you’re like me; you’re loving every minute of it.

Lil Dutchie