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Introduction to Black Blondz

Posted in Introduction to Black Blondz with tags , , , on January 4, 2011 by inthemix

Black Blondz – [blak blond], adjective

Black –  refers to the concept of dark, pitch dark, dark outside [not the complexion of someones skin-had to address that :)]

Blonde –  refers to the stigma that blonds have had for years [space in between, space cadet, flighty,etc.].

When you put the two words together “Black Blond” means the absence of light [socially] blended with the core of all the   “Blonde” moments people have even when they aren’t blond!

Now that we have cleared that up Black Blondz is here to salute all of those folks that even in the midst of having knowledge at your fingertips and technologically savvy everything they still manage to stay on the shorter less knowledgeable end of the spectrum.  That’s right!  If you choose to live in the world of I don’t know, continue to be Clueless, and insist on acting like you can’t Google any and everything then you have earned your right to be here.

If you still don’t get it we can show you better then we can tell you. Sit back and Pay Attention!!!