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Black Blonde of the Week

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This poor girl would’ve never guessed that being the contest winner of a B.E.T. award show would’ve made her Tweet “Bawling backstage. They totally fu%&ed me up.” This moment made her our own “Black Blonde of the Week” Thanks Tiffany!!!!


The 2011 B.E.T. Awards

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Yeah Yeah I know I’m a couple of days late but I’m still a little peeved about this cranking ass award show. The pre-show was a disaster of epic proportions starting with the sound and then the “talent” they had performing. Correct me if I’m but didn’t they have the same sound problem last year? Understanding that somethings are just simply outta your control especially with technology still left the show lacking hella luster. Marsha Ambrosius won the first award of the night which was cool, Diggy Simmons was rocking as far as the dancing was concerned, Miguel sounds NOTHING like he do on wax, and poor little Lloyd screamed I’m a has been with that hot ass leather jacket and nobody rocking to his new song. They even showed the crowd hype man at the end of his performance telling the audience to clap because, well they just simply were NOT L.O.L. What…a mess. In the words of my bitch Chelsea Handler, “You better get it together…girl” ha ha. I loved Mary J. Blige as usual especially when she brought out my lady Miss Anita Baker *Yeeesss* (score) oh and Kevin Hart was an ok host, I mean I still think Mo’Nique should always host them but whatever. Alicia Keys body looked as opposed to a shirtless Rick Ross who also performed throughout the night with various artists, Kelly Rowland FINALLY got the respect she so desperately was seeking like Susan, and Patti LaBelle down-to-earth class act ass got the well deserved “Lifetime Achievement Award” with tribute performances from the hilarious Cee-Lo Green, lovely Marsha Ambrosius & the incomparable Pastor Shirley Caesar. Chris Brown (my nigga) won 4 awards but the biggest blunder of the night was that “Viewers Choice Award” in which B.E.T. contest winner Tiffany Greene screwed up by announcing the wrong winner. She first said Chris Brown (who it was later proven that he did win) then Rihanna and then Drake which by far one of the most embarrassing and funny moments television mishaps in history. Tiffany shouldn’t complain because it got her “trending” on Twitter and she is now apart of “history” L.M.A.O. Greene explained on Twitter that the tablet had said Chris Brown, but the teleprompter had said Rihanna, which led to Drake accepting the award and B.E.T. president Stephen Hill to take to Twitter and express his apologies stating “That BET Awards Viewer’s Choice mix-up was due to human error. And I was the human that made that error. I apologize to ALL affected.” Yeah sure, whatever you should’ve apologized for the ENTIRE production. All in all it was A MESS with a couple of good and funny moments (“Househusbands of Hollywood) but other than that mmmm let’s hope it’s better next year.